jerome street bakery
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jerome street bakery
spirit nourishing treats + intuitive wellness

Jerome Street Bakery was created to bring two passions together- baking and supporting our wonderful and vibrant community.  The mission of JSB is to assist those in need within our community through cooperative efforts with local non-profits.   

What is a Gratitude Cake?

The gratitude cake concept embodies this philosophy through the multiple connections people make, and the opportunity for returning kindness. 

My name is Rosey and I am a lifelong Alaskan.  My passions in life have been a love affair with hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication.  Whether it is sports, baking, or handwork, my heart and being is given to my creations, and can be felt in the final product.  I am passionate about my family, food, healthy living, gardening, and all living things. 

What you want must be held in the same hand as what you give.